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If you are wondering what it is that you should do next or where to study next, you have definitely come to the right place!

Admission Backup Consultancy helps you with all your needs that are related to getting admission to your dream university.

We help students find the perfect career path for themselves without falling into the trap of going with the crowd.

We help students in a variety of ways!

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Information About All the Latest News in The Education Sector

The first and foremost thing when applying to study in your dream university or institution is being equipped with the proper information in the first place.

It is very common to find students who look for undergraduate or postgraduate courses in a specific university but do not find the ideal course that can really help them advance in their career trajectory.

Other times, they cannot pinpoint the exact university or country for that matter where they would like to go for their higher studies.

This is precisely where Admission Backup Consultancy comes into play.

We ensure that all the students who come with high hopes for us are equipped with all the information and details they need to make the right decision about their higher studies.

That includes all the latest news in the education sector including scholarships, list of courses and their overview, scope of each course and the exposure level that the university or country can offer them after the completion of the course.

We don’t just provide a brochure. We go through a step-by-step counseling session with each student who comes to us for help with choosing the perfect university or college for him/her that best suits his/her needs.

Admission Assistance in All the Top Universities and Colleges

The first thing a student looks for when thinking about higher education is the opportunities lent by universities and colleges and the chances of landing a good job after the completion of the course from the said university.

We offer all kinds of admission assistance to students in all the top universities and colleges.

Our motto is to be as transparent with a student as possible.

We do aim for big and reputed universities for each of our students. However, that does not mean we give them false hope if their scores don’t match their dreams. Top universities and colleges are top for a reason – THEY ARE GOOD.

Therefore, it is essential to get exceptional scores in all the competitive exams based on your field of study.

If a student’s academic performance has been exceedingly good in high school and after, it becomes easier for us to become the facilitators and ensure he/she gets admission in his/her dream university.

On the other hand, if the student’s academic performance has been less than average, we do not sell them blind hope.

We offer realistic advice based on a student’s academic trajectory, aiming for the top universities but keeping other equally good options open to ensure he/she finds a suitable job placement and excellent exposure at the end of the course.

Information About Universities in India and Abroad

Information plays an integral role in any decision-making process about admission in universities, whether it is in India or abroad.

You cannot really make a well-informed decision if you are not equipped with all the details and all the options you have in front of you when the question of your higher studies comes into the mix.

This is where we steal the show but arming you with all the necessary information that you might not necessarily find on the Internet.

Internet today is a treasure chest full of essential or unimportant information. One search on Google leads to a hundred thousand results.

We save you from getting lost amidst the extensive options available in the online world and narrow down the options for you according to your preferences, skill set and scope of landing a job in the future.

This comes in fairly handy when the students are confused about the multitude of necessary and unnecessary information they get from not just the internet, but also friends and relatives.

Filtering all this data is what we do best so that the students get firsthand information, but only that is relevant to them.

Assistance for Direct Admission & Management Quota Seats

There are several colleges in India that provide direct admission through management quota.

We assist you in getting direct admissions in top Indian colleges through management quota.

We have a thorough knowledge of the system of Indian universities and have helped several students get admission in the top-notch colleges through management quota.

Therefore, you can completely rely on us for this and you will surely not be disappointed.

You can also get direct admissions in some of the top level colleges through several quotas like the NRI quota or other.

We can help you out with this and help you understand your own strengths in order to cut through the tough competition and finally making it to the college of your dream.

Regular Updates Through Newsletters and Social Media Platforms

Information is key when you are aiming for good scholarships or top-level institutions to study in.

You need to know the deadlines and other prerequisites in order to apply and be successful in getting admission.

Therefore, we send regular newsletters to everyone who signs up with us and also keep updating our social media platforms regularly with the latest news regarding scholarships and admissions.

To keep yourself updated, you just need to follow our social media handles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and you would know all the latest news.

Alternatively, you can also give us your email address by signing up through our websites.

This way, we will send you weekly newsletters with all the required information.

While we believe in updating the students who sign up with us regularly with the relevant information, we understand the importance of not spamming them with irrelevant and unnecessary details.

We tread this fine line carefully and ensure all the information shared with us is fully updated, relevant and authentic that aids the students in making well-informed and smart decisions.

Admission Backup Management Quota Fees Checklist

Full Career Guidance

We provide complete career guidance to students in Class 12th, recent graduates or even post-graduates.

We also help students understand their own inclinations with the help of some aptitude tests that we offer. We also give you the opportunity to speak to our counselors and discuss your strengths and weaknesses.

After a brief assessment, we help you with possible career options that you can choose.

You are bound to be successful with these options.

We don’t just stop here. We also give you a list of possible universities, scholarships, and programs to which you can apply.

Once you choose the universities and courses, we give you all the information and assistance to take the required tests and work on the documents like a statement of purpose, to arrange for recommendations, etc.

Once you collect all your documents and take the required tests, we help you with applying to the respective universities.

Even after you get an acceptance from one or more universities, we help you find proper funding or educational loans to fund your course.

In short, we are here to provide you with all-round career guidance.

Once you come to us, you can leave all your career-related worries and rely on us completely.

Why Choose Us?

We are a one-of-a-kind one-stop premium solution provider to help students with all kinds of admission requirements.

Since the inception of Admission Backup Consultancy, we have successfully established ourselves as the pioneers in three main domains.

  • Admissions in Top Universities and Colleges
  • Assistance with Direct Admissions & Management Quota
  • A Complete Career Guidance

At Admission Backup Consultancy, we offer overseas admission services as well where we make the students so adept that they can make well-informed decisions for themselves.

We also provide all our students with access to our special proprietary framework in addition to an internal portal that further optimizes their candidacy for applying for top universities and colleges.

The thing that makes us stand apart from the rest is our sheer purity of intent.

Our sole motive is to provide our students with specialized and personalized one-on-one service that starts right when a student walks through our doors.

The next few steps include comprehensive planning and assessment so that we can align the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate with the target schools and universities.

We know about all the universities & colleges in India.

We can help you hack through their admission requirements to finally get there!

We also focus on the selection criteria and come up with very specific and customized action plans to improve their chances of not just getting acceptance in their dream university but also making sure they have excellent career prospects after the completion of the course.

At Admission Backup Consultancy, we make dreams come true!

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