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Architecture & Design are one of the best career choices after class 12th.


Architecture is the study of designing buildings & structures. 


An architect designs the structure and prepares methods for the construction of physical structures & buildings.


It involves the study of Urban Design, Landscape architecture & Interior design.


Urban Design is the process of designing features of smart cities, towns & villages.


Landscape Architecture is the design of modern structures such as parks, corporate offices, & residential infrastructure. 


Interior architecture is the design of the interior of a building or redesigning the features of a building.


Bachelor of Architecture is an undergraduate program for 5 years duration.


Masters of Architecture is a postgraduate program for 2 years duration.


M.Arch offers specialization programs for B.Arch students in various fields of architecture.


In India, the Council of Architecture is a regulating body that regulates architecture education.


It also provides licenses to individuals to carry out the architectural profession.


There are more than 450+ architecture colleges in India including IITs, NITs & private colleges & universities.





Design is the study of systematic planning & specifications used for building a system, product, or process.


A designer is a professional who works in various areas of design such as:


✅ Product design

✅ Textile design

✅ Fashion design

✅ Web design

✅ Graphics design

✅ Game Design

✅ Interior design

✅ Industrial design


Design can be applied to various fields such as art, engineering & production.


👉  Design & Art involves the study of Industrial design, graphic design & fashion design.


👉 Design & Engineering is a concept of design used to prepare the engineering process & methods involved in industrial design & product design.


👉  Design & Production is used to implement & plan the production such as flyer design or a skyscraper design.


👉  Process Design is used to plan the process & steps involved in business processes or manufacturing process.


Bachelor of Design (B.Des) is a 4 years undergraduate program after 12th.


Master of Design (M.Des) is a 2 years postgraduate program for design graduates in various specializations.


B.Sc Fashion Design is a 3 years undergraduate program.

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