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Best Education Consultancy in India

Best Education Consultancy in India

Are you searching for the best education consultancy to assist you for higher education in India?

If you want assistance for admission to private colleges & universities!

Admission Backup is one of the top education consultancies in India.

Education consultancy has tied up with colleges & universities for admission in various courses.

Private colleges need education consultants who can promote their courses among the students.

Education consultants use various promotion strategies to approach students for admission such as:

1) Bulk Messaging

2) Phone Calls

3) Advertisements on the internet

4) Local Business listing (ex: Just dial)

5) Newspapers Ads

6) Stalls at Education Fairs

Private colleges reward education consultants with incentives per successful admission.

That’s the reason, many consultants operate throughout the country to get admission to colleges.

Many colleges might be able to attract local students for admission, but fail to enroll students from other states.

Thus tier-2 & 3 type colleges rely on admission consultants for admission in various courses.

There are many consultancies for college admission in India. 

In every city, you will find 100 – 200 educational consultancy. 

And more than 10 – 20 agents are involved in running a consultancy which includes:

1) Sub-Consultant

2) Tele-Marketers

3) Receptionist

All of them work together to achieve one goal, i.e to get students for admission in their associated colleges.

Colleges give consultants service fees after students enroll in any course and pay the college fee.

Generally, an agreement i.e MoU is done between colleges and consultants.

Thereafter the consultants are legally authorized to help students for admission & get a certain amount of commission per seat.

But top colleges who have built up their brand, do not need any consultants for their promotion.

Neither do they pay any service fee nor authorizes any education consultancies for admission.

India’s higher education system is the 3rd largest in the world after the USA & China.

With more than 30,000 private degree colleges in India, education consultants play an important role to help students in college admission.

Education Consultancy for Higher Education in India

Here in this article, you will learn about:

1) Best Education Consultants in India

2) Engineering Admission Consultants

3) Medical Admission Consultants

4) MBA Admission Consultants

5) Admission consultants for professional degree courses

6) Overseas admission consultancy

7) Top websites for colleges information

Let’s get started!

Educational Consultants in India

Best Education Consultancy in India

It becomes very difficult to find the best education consultancy among 100’s of education consultants.

There is a lot of competition among consultants to become the best!

15 qualities of top education consultants are:

1) Genuine & Reliable

2) Hardworking

3) Confidence

4) Good Communicator 

5) Negotiation Skills

6) Commitment & Passion

7) Decision making capability

8) Courage 

9) Positive attitude

10) Transparency

11) Creativity & Innovation

12) Empathy

13) Vision & Purpose

14) Humility

15) Inspire Others

Admission Backup is among the top 10 educational consultants in India.

We have established ourselves as the best career counseling agencies in India.

Our agents and consultants are experts in admission.

They have more than 10-20 years of experience in college admission.

And are working closely with various colleges & universities as authorized admission partners.

We are proud to bring the top-notch admission consultants under one roof.

It took us more than 10 years and after collaborating with more than 1000’s of admission consultants.

We provide the best education consultants for admission to any individual colleges.

An individual agent cannot get admission to many colleges.

Individual consultants have tie-ups with 5-6 colleges where they can get admission easily.

But for many other colleges, they contact other agencies to assist with admission services.

It is a huge chain where education consultants support each other to facilitate admission for as many colleges as possible.

But it increases the cost of operations because more people get involved in admission.

Also in many cases, consultants fail to get admission to college which is beyond their service area.

Ultimately the students & parents have to suffer because of poor coordination among consultancies involved in the admission process.

Also, their time, money & efforts are wasted.

Advantages of Admission Back over other consultancies:

1) No advance payment.

2) Confirm admission in desired college & specialization.

3) Low cost of operations.

4) Hier top consultant for college admission.

5) Admission as per our commitment and stipulated time.

There might be many education consultancies in your locality.

But they won’t be able to provide an effective service for many colleges.

In the past, we have witnessed many cases where agents make a lot of promises but fail to fulfill their commitments.

Education Consultancy for College Admission

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Most private colleges are dependent on educational consultancies for admission.

Some colleges & universities invest heavily in their marketing and promotion to attract students.

They also work with educational consultancies on an incentive basis model to help them get students.

Consultants are paid as per the number of students they can get enrolled.

Students don’t have much information about most of the colleges.

So, they consult education consultancies for career guidance and admission assistance.

Few reputed online portals have published content on almost all the colleges.

But most of their information is just promotional and doesn’t provide much value to the readers.

By going through reviews and ratings available online, you won’t get a clear idea about most of the colleges.

Education consultants provide the best information about private colleges & universities.

Consultants spend most of their time visiting colleges & universities.

Thus they can give a better report about various colleges.

Admission Backup is a career guidance agency that helps you with admission to private and universities.

We offer assistance for various undergraduate and postgraduate courses for higher education.

The motto of our consultancy is to help you join the best college for academics excellence.

We help you in various aspects such as:

1) Choosing the right college for higher education.

2) Getting admission into a top college.

3) Fess payment & hostel accommodation.

4) Scholarship & discount in college fees.

Admission Backup consultancy is located in Bangalore.

We provide admission assistance for colleges & universities located in tier-1 & 2 cities in India.

Every year more than 10000+ students contact us for admission guidance & assistance.

And more than 1000+ students join our recommended colleges & universities.

We are helping students to achieve their goals and dreams.

Education Consultancy

Engineering Admission Consultants

Admission Consultants for Engineering Colleges in India

B.E & B.Tech courses are offered by more than 3000 colleges & universities in India.

More than 80% of students join private colleges for engineering courses.

Every year more than 7-8 Lakh students join UG & PG courses in engineering colleges.

But students have information about a handful of top engineering colleges.

Admission consultants help you explore private engineering colleges as per your requirements.

Admission Backup provides assistance for more than 200 top private engineering colleges & universities in India.

We help you with admission in engineering colleges such as:

1) Apply for engineering colleges entrance exams.

2) Direct admission via NRI/Management quota seats.

3) Information about program fees, placements & facilities.

4) Campus visit and meeting with college authorities.

5) College Review & Rankings.

Popular courses offered by engineering colleges are:

1) B.E/B.Tech

2) B.Architecture

3) B.Tech second-year lateral entry

4) B.Design

5) M.Tech/M.Arch/MCA/M.Design

Medical Admission Consultants

Admission Consultants for Medical Colleges

MBBS is the most popular medical course among science stream students.

Every year more than 14 lakh students apply for medical entrance exams.

But there are only 79498 MBBS seats in 536 medical colleges of India.

Admission Consultants help you choose the best medical colleges as per your entrance exam score & budget.

Around 50% of colleges offering MBBS in India are private & deemed universities.

Admission Backup helps you get admission in private medical colleges & deemed universities.

We assist with admission in medical college such as:

1) Information about medical entrance exams.

2) Counseling & seat allotment.

3) Private medical colleges course fee.

4) Medical college reviews & rankings.

5) Admission via NRI/Management quota seats.

Popular Medical Courses in India are:


2) BDS, MDS (Dental)

3) Ayurveda, Homeopathy

4) Nursing (BSc, MSc, GNM)

5) Allied Health Sciences

6) Physiotherapy (BPT, MPT)

MBA Admission Consultants

Admission Consultants for Admission in MBA Colleges

MBA & PGDM is one of the most popular postgraduate courses offered in various specializations.

Any graduate from engineering, medical, commerce, science or arts stream can study MBA to enhance their management skills.

MBA is offered by more than 3000 management colleges with a total intake capacity of 3.7 lakh students.

It is a very difficult task to choose the best colleges to study MBA or PGDM courses.

Consultants help you shortlist the best colleges as per your entrance exams score, previous academic performance & budget.

Admission Backup helps you get admission in top b-schools in India.

We provide assistance for MBA admission such as:

1) Applying for MBA Entrance exams.

2) Shortlisting MBA colleges as per exams score.

3) MBA Admission without entrance exams.

4) B-Schools Rankings & Reviews.

5) MBA, PGDM program fee & admission process.

Popular Management courses in India are:

1) MBA (Master degree)

2) PGDM (Diploma degree)


4) B.COM

 Admission Consultants for Professional Degree Courses

Admission Consultants for Profession Degree Courses in India

Apart from the mainstream courses, there are various other trending courses for higher education.

Law, Design, Pharmacy, Journalism, Bachelor of Arts & Science are popular courses with a lot of opportunities.

Consultancies help you find the right career path for higher education as per your interest, and skills.

Many popular universities offer more than 50 courses related to arts & science streams.

Admission Backup assists you to find the best private universities for professional degree courses.

Some of the popular professional degree courses apart from mainstream courses are: 


2) B Pharmacy, Pharm-D

3) B.A Journalism & Mass Communication

4) B.Sc Forensic Science, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology

5) B.Sc Agriculture

6) B.A Physiology, Sociology, Economics

7) Bachelor in Hospitality & Catering Management

8) B.Sc Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science

9) B.Sc Animation & Digital Filmmaking

10) Bachelor of Design (Fashion, Textile, Graphics)

11) Bachelor of Computer Applications

Overseas Admission Consultancy

Many students prefer to study abroad for higher education.

USA, Canda, Germany, France, China, Singapore, & Australia are popular destinations for higher education abroad.

Overseas admission consultancies help you explore colleges abroad for higher education.

Consultancies help in the admission process, entrance exams, visa, course fee, etc.

Students prefer to study abroad for UG & PG courses in medical, management, engineering, law & various streams. 

But there are very few reputed overseas admission consultancies in India.

If you don’t have much information about colleges & universities abroad.

You must contact students who are studying abroad for information about colleges & admission process.

Career Guidance Websites in India

Career Guidance portals help colleges to attract students for admission.

As these portals get a lot of search traffic from Google and various other search engines.

Producing a lot of content on colleges, exams, admission, counseling helps education portals answer the queries of students online.

These websites generate a lot of leads for students.

And convert them into successful admission for their associated colleges.

They also help colleges to attract students to apply for entrance exams or admission application form.

Colleges & Universities reward web portals for their affiliate marketing.

Similar to consultants, popular websites get incentives per successful admission or entrance exam application.

Top 5 Career Guidance Portals in India:

1) Careers360

2) Shiksha.com

3) Collegedunia

4) College Dekho

5) Aglasem

FAQs about Education Consultancies

Q) What kind of services does Education Consultancy offer?

A) Education Consultancy provides various services such as admission assistance, career guidance, college selection, exam preparation, counseling assistance, direct admission, college visit, course information, program fee, scholarship, college reviews & rankings.

 Q) What are the advantages of Educational Consultancy?

A) Education consultancy helps you choose the best college for higher education as per your budget, previous academic performance, exam rank & course choice. Consultancies ease the admission process for private colleges & universities. They offer a lot of college options for higher education.

Q) How much does educational consultancies charges for admission assistance?

A) Private Colleges pay 25k-50k as service fees to education consultants per admission. Consultants also collect a service fee from students & parents for admission to private colleges. Top colleges don’t pay any service fee to admission consultants. In such cases, consultants charge 30 k to 50 k per admission.

Q) How to choose an education consultancy for admission guidance?

A) Some of the best consultancies assist students at a very affordable fee. Also, they won’t make any false commitment that cannot be fulfilled. Though there might be a lot of consultants offering similar services for the same colleges. Genuine consultants will give you all proper information about the fee, admission process and best colleges options. Also, they will help you get admission very quickly for your preferred college or specialization.


Educational consultancies along with educational websites provide a lot of information about colleges & universities.

They help you explore a lot of college options for higher education for various streams.

Admission Backup is one of the pioneers in the field of career guidance & admission assistance.

We have used digital media to share a lot of high-quality information & our experience with you.

Also, we offer consultancy services to students who want to join top colleges & universities in India.

It might be quite easy to get admission in tier-2 & 3 private colleges and universities.

You will find many consultants & websites offering admission assistance services for low ranked colleges. 

But Admission Backup offers the best services for top tier-1 colleges & universities admission in India.

We offer admission assistance for private colleges in the lowest budget packages.

Based on your academics performance & interest, we help find the right career path after 12th.

As per your estimated budget, We help you find the best available colleges for higher education.

Guide you about the admission process and entrance exams for various colleges & universities.

Admission Backup is a premium education consultancy for admission to private college through NRI/management quota seats.

We offer the most affordable admission guidance & career counseling services.

Contact us today or sign up for the newsletter if you want to know more about the admission process, colleges & course fee.

Now, It’s your turn to let us know what kind of services you want for your higher education!

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