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MBA Admission in Bangalore

Direct MBA Admission Bangalore

Do you want an MBA admission in Bangalore?

Are you searching for top B-Schools for MBA or PGDM admission?

If Yes, then You must read this article to know all about MBA in Bangalore.

In this in-depth guide, you will learn about:

MBA Admission Process in Bangalore.

✅ Top B-Schools in Bangalore, Karnataka.

✅ Types of B-Schools & Management Colleges in Bangalore.

✅ Difference between MBA & PGDM programs.

✅ MBA & PGDM course fee in Bangalore, Karnataka.

✅ Specialization offered by MBA colleges in Bangalore.

✅ Direct MBA admission in Bangalore.

✅ Advantages of studying an MBA in Bangalore.

Let’s dive right in!

If you want to study an MBA or PGDM in top colleges?

MBA colleges in Bangalore can be a good choice!

Since Bangalore is an IT City there are a lot of opportunities for MBA graduates.

Studying MBA in Bangalore will help you master the diverse area of business & management skills.

MBA colleges in Bangalore offer specialization in HR, Operations, Marketing, Finance, Banking, Global Business, Entrepreneurship.

It can also help you get good campus placements and career advancement.

Choosing a college for an MBA can be a difficult task.

Due to the lack of information about the opportunities provided by the institutions.

There are more than 3000 management colleges in India.

But all of them do not provide equal opportunities.

You must evaluate and compare the best available options.

You might have a desire to join the best b-schools in India.

It is not possible to get admission in top colleges without having good marks in MBA entrance exams.

Many students have to join the tier-2 b-schools.

Bangalore city has the best tier-1 and tier-2 b-schools in India.

Infographics on MBA Admission in Bangalore
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MBA Admission Process in Bangalore

Top MBA colleges in Bangalore accept CAT, MAT, XAT, NMAT, SNAP, CMAT, GMAT & ATMA exam scores for admission process.

CAT, XAT, SNAP entrance exams result are declared by 31st January every year.

On the basis of exams result, You can participate in the selection process of MBA colleges in Bangalore.

Bangalore University & VTU University affiliated colleges also accept PGCET and KMAT exams.

Admission Process & Eligibility 

MBA Admission in Bangalore is done on the basis of exams score, college-based test, past academic performance, and work experience.

The final selection of students is done on the basis of total marks scored.

1) Entrance Exams Score

2) Group Discussion, Written Test, Personal Interview

3) Graduation Percentage

4) Marks Scored in 10th & 12th

5) Work experience

But without qualifying the required cut-off score in entrance exams, you cannot apply for admission.

Eligibility Criteria for MBA Admission in Bangalore:

1) Must have scored 50% marks in Class 10th, 12th, & degree.

2) Appeared in any of the MBA entrance exams.

3) Good communication skills or work experience.

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Top MBA Colleges in Bangalore

Institute NameExam acceptedCut-off
IIM, BangaloreCAT 85%
Tapmi, ManipalCAT, XAT 85%
Symbiosis, BangaloreSNAP90%
Christ Institute, BangaloreCAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT, ATMA60%
NMIMS, BengaluruNMAT90%
We School, BengaluruCAT, XAT, ATMA, CMAT70%
St. Jospeh’s, BengaluruCAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT, ATMA  60%
School of Management, ManipalCAT, MAT, XAT, CMAT50%
IFIM B-School, BangaloreCAT, XAT, GMAT50%

Types of B-Schools & Management Colleges in Bangalore

MBA & PGDM programs are offered by various B-Schools in Bangalore such as:

1) MBA from Bangalore University affiliated colleges.

2) PGDM from AICTE approved private B-Schools.

3) MBA from VTU Technical University affiliated Colleges.

4) Private Universities offering MBA.

The common differences between MBA & PGDM program are as follows:

MBA (Bangalore University & VTU)PGDM
The course fee is lesser than PGDM.The course fee is slightly costlier.
An MBA degree is affiliated to Bangalore University or VTU.PGDM is approved by AICTE.
The curriculum is more theoretical based.The curriculum is based on case studies & elective courses.
Provides industrial visits.Provides foreign tours, industry-based internship.
No students exchange programs.Student exchange programs in collaboration with foreign universities.
3 – 4 Lakh average salary offered.7 – 12 Lakh average salary offered.
Training & Placements assistance.More than 50+ placements partners.
Only basic specialization available.Specialization as per market requirements.

However, MBA programs offered by Private Universities are similar to PGDM programs.

Private Universities update their curriculum based on market requirements.

They also offer a wide range of specializations and the same benefits as PGDM programs.

Internationally Accredited B-Schools in Bangalore

Internationally accredited MBA Colleges in Bangalore

Business Schools in Bangalore are accredited by International external agencies.

The major accrediting bodies of the USA have accredited some of the MBA colleges in Bangalore such as:

1) Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)

2) Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP)

3) International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE)

It is only awarded to colleges that offer specific quality programs of higher standards.

ACBSP & IACBE agencies have been recognized by the United States Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

Top MBA Colleges in Bangalore with international accreditation.

B-Schools in Bangalore accredited by European agencies.

Popular European accreditation agencies have also accredited MBA colleges in Bangalore such as:

1) Associations of MBAs (AMBA)

2) European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)

Association of MBAs is a European accreditation agency that accredits MBA programs worldwide.

EFMD provides European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) accreditation status to B-Schools worldwide.

It also awards EPAS accreditation to b-schools programs.

SAQS Accredited B-Schools in Bangalore

Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia (AMDISA) awards SAQS accreditation to B-Schools.

AMDISA is a SAARC country recognized body.

It follows the EFMD criteria guidelines to award SAQS accreditation to b-schools.

Only a few top B-Schools in India including IIMs have received international accreditation status from USA & European accreditation organizations.

Internationally accredited B-Schools in India

It improves the credibility of the MBA colleges as well as their programs among the students.

Apart from having NAAC, NBA accreditation, B-Schools in Bangalore are also internationally accredited.

This also makes b-schools in Bangalore a better choice to study MBA or PGDM.

MBA, PGDM Course Fee in Bangalore

Top MBA Colleges in Bangalore with fee structure & courses offered:

Institute NameFee Specialization
Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore21 LakhPGP
T. A. PAI Institutet of Management, Manipal14 LakhPGDM
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bengaluru17 LakhMBA
Narsee Monjee Institute of Management studies, Bengaluru15 LakhPGDM
Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bengaluru10 LakhPGDM
Institute-of-management, Christ University8 LakhMBA
IFIM Business School, Bengaluru16 LakhPGDM
Welingkar Institute of Management Development, Bengaluru11 LakhPGDM
SDM Institute for Management Development10 LakhPGDM
St. Joseph’s Institute of Management8 LakhPGDM
Alliance School of Business13 LakhMBA
AIMS School of Business, Bengaluru8 LakhMBA
MATS Institute of Management8 Lakh PGDM
ICFAI Business School, Bengaluru8 LakhMBA
M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Management9 LakhPGDM
CMS Business School, Jain University9 LakhMBA
Manipal School of Management6 LakhMBA
PES School of Management8 LakhMBA
Amrita School of Business9 LakhMBA
Indus Business Academy, Bangalore8 LakhPGDM
RV Institute of Management, Bangalore5 LakhMBA
Kristu Jayanti School of Management6 LakhMBA
Presidency Business School5 LakhMBA
International School of Business & Research7.9 LakhPGDM
International School of Management Excellence6.45 LakhPGDM
International School of Business Studies6 LakhPGDM
Regional College of Management6 LakhPGDM

Specialization offered by MBA Colleges in Bangalore

MBA programs offer a wide range of career options for undergraduate students.

Different MBA specializations lead to various managerial level job opportunities in an organization.

You must choose the right specialization, to get the most benefits from an MBA degree.

Though there are many specializations available under MBA.

Some of the major specializations offered by MBA colleges in Bangalore are:

1) Finance

2) Marketing

3) Human Resource Management

4) Operations Management

5) Information Systems

6) Data Science & Business Analytics

7) International Business

Many of the other specializations are derived from the above major specializations.

Let us have a look at the career opportunities for the popular MBA specializations.

MBA in Finance

MBA in Finance

An MBA degree in finance specialization is related to the management of money for private companies or government institutions.

The role of a financial manager is to maximize the value of a firm for its stockholders.

They are also responsible for portfolio management, fundraising, investment, asset management to accomplish the objects of the organization.

Finance specialization generally details with the study of the following subjects:

1) Corporate finance 

2) Investment Management

3) Managerial Accounting

4) Financial Management for IT services

5) Financial Planning

If You have good knowledge of mathematics & accounting, finance can be the right MBA specialization.

Top companies in India hiring MBA graduates from finance specialization are:

Insurance companies such as AXA, Allianz, Generali, MetLife, Aegon, Prudential Financial, etc.

Investment banking such as JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, HSBC, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, State Bank of India, etc.

MBA in Marketing

MBA in Marketing

Marketing is a very important component of business management & commerce.

It involves selling products or services to other businesses or directly to customers i.e (B2B and B2C marketing).

An MBA graduate with a specialization in marketing prepares various strategies for marketing.

They are also responsible for marketing research, consumer demands, maintaining competitiveness with other competitors.

An MBA in marketing helps you successfully research on various aspects such as:

1) Market Information & Segmentation.

2) Market Trends.

3) SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities & Threat) to a business entity.

4) PEST analysis (Political, Economical, Social & Technological) factors affecting the profitability.

5) Branding of product or services.

6) Product research, Advertising & Consumer segmentation.

7) Risk & Competitors analysis.

You can pursue an MBA in marketing specialization If you have sales & marketing skills.

Top Companies hiring MBA in marketing graduates are Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, Unilever, Google, American Express, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Apple, Nike, Starbucks, etc.

MBA in Human Resource Management

MBA in Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is an MBA specialization also known as HR or HRM.

The job of HR is to effectively manage the people to increase the growth of the company or organization.

This specialization will help you learn different strategies to increase the performance of the employees.

HR professionals manage the workforce and focus on implementing the process and policies of the organization.

The HR department in a company is responsible for various roles such as:

1) Employee recruitment, training, and development.

2) Employee benefit design including performance appraisal, reward management.

3) Talent management, Industrial & labor relations.

Human resource management is the art of staffing, training, development, motivation & maintenance.

It involves the study of various aspects such as:

1) Recruitment strategies of employees.

2) Techniques for training & development of the employees.

3) Effective strategies to motivate employees.

4) Making employees committed and loyal to the organization.

There are a lot of job opportunities as every organization needs HR professionals including the startups

You can pursue the HR specialization if you have leadership qualities.

MBA in Operations Management

MBA in Operations Management

Operations are one of the major functions in an organization along with finance, marketing, & human resources.

Operations management is an MBA specialization concerned with designing & controlling the production of goods or services.

This specialization helps you learn the effective utilization of resources to meet the customer’s requirements.

The operations managers are involved in planning, organizing, & supervising the production, manufacturing, or implementation of services.

The entire production or service system in an organization is managed by the operations managers.

They are responsible for converting the inputs (raw materials or labors) into outputs (products or services).

They also control the quality of products and services.

An MBA in operations management will help you learn about:

1) Operations strategies

2) Product design

3) Process design

4) Quality management

5) Facilities planning

6) Production planning & inventory control

7) Supply chain management

An operations manager can be employed in various sectors such as banking, hospitals, multinational companies & startups.

You can pursue operations management if you have good planning & management skills.

MBA in Information Systems

MBA in Information Systems

Information System involves the use of internet-based technology to increase the profit or value of an organization.

The information system can be used in the following ways such as:

1) Increase organization operations efficiency.

2) Add more value to existing products & new product development.

3) Help managers make effective decisions.

4) Analysis & visualization of data.

5) Track employee performance records.

6) Create revenue records to Identify strengths and weaknesses.

7) Capture consumer data & feedback.

This specialization helps you effectively use information technology in the growth of the organization.

The information system helps operation level managers to create reports, extract information & make decisions.

The information system can be used to automate various workflows such as:

1) Decision support system

2) Supply chain management

3) Marketing information system

4) Accounting information system

5) Human resource management system

6) Office automation system

7) Educational institutions management system

8) Enterprise resource planning

9) Customer relationship management

You can pursue this specialization if you have a bachelor’s degree in computer applications, information or computer science engineering.

MBA in Data Science & Business Analytics

MBA in Data Science & Business Analytics

Business Analytics & Data Science is one of the most in-demand MBA specializations.

Data Science is a field of computer science used to extract information & insights from structured & unstructured data.

It involves data mining, big data analysis & machine learning.

Data Science is one of the fastest-growing fields.

It helps in analyzing the large subsets of data to help improve the decisions making in an organization.

It is similar to statistics but focuses on analyzing digital data.

Data scientists are responsible for analyzing useful information from big data thus helping in the optimal performance of an organization.

It involves the study of various technologies such as:

1) Python & R programming language

2) Tableau

3) Data Visualization

4) Big Data

5) Blockchain & IoT

Business Analytics is a skill used to analyze the past performance of an organization to prepare new business plans.

It helps to gain insights & understand the performance of the business based on data & statistics.

This specialization helps you perform predictive analysis & data-based analytics for various decision making in an organization.

A professional with an MBA in Business analytics is responsible for various tasks such as:

1) Behavior analytics of consumers

2) Cohort analysis

3) Data modeling

4) Marketing & sales analytics

5) Pricing analytics

6) Supply chain analytics

7) Risk & Credit analytics

8) Customer journey analytics

There are a lot of job opportunities for students with specialization in Data Science & Business Analytics.

MBA in International Business

Study MBA in International Business

MBA in international business is also known as a global MBA.

International business is the trade of products, services, or technology on a global scale.

It involves cross border transactions of economic resources such as skills & people for international production of goods and services.

International business is required in various sectors such as finance, banking, insurance, construction & technology.

Due to the rapid increase of cross border movement of products, services, capital & technology the national economy is interdependent on the global economy.

International business is the study of the internationalization process of multinational companies.

A multinational corporation has a worldwide approach to market, production, and operations in several countries.

Some of the enterprises which have operations worldwide are:

1) Food chain companies (Mcdonalds, Starbucks)

2) Technology companies (Google, Microsoft, Oracle)

3) Automobile manufacturing companies (Ford, General motors)

4) Consumer electronics companies (Sony, Apple, Samsung, LG)

To start any overseas business activity companies should be fully aware of various factors such as:

1) The difference in Legal & political systems.

2) Economic policy & language barrier.

3) Accounting standard & international labor laws.

4) Environment standards, local & corporate culture.

5) Foreign exchange markets.

6) Tariffs on import & export.

7) Trade agreement.

An MBA in International business specialization helps you learn the various aspects of global business.

MBA colleges in Bangalore offer this program in collaboration with institutions abroad.

You get a chance to study in top B-Schools abroad through student exchange programs.

The exchange program can be for a short duration such as international internships and a long duration of up to 6 months to 1 year.

Also, you can get a chance to earn a dual MBA & MS degree through a student exchange program.

You can pursue MBA in International business if you wish to study an MBA abroad.

Direct MBA Admission in Bangalore

Direct MBA Admission Bangalore
Contact us if not performed well in entrance exams

Get MBA/PGDM direct admission in Bangalore through Management quota seats.

If you haven’t performed well in exams and worried about your selection in top MBA college.

You must contact us for assistance in choosing the best MBA colleges in Bangalore.

Direct Admission helps you avail the benefits of:

1) Admission in MBA without a donation.

2) Scholarship & discount in college tuition fee.

3) Eligible for education loan for complete course expenditure.

4) Choose the college as per your budget and interest.

5) Guaranteed placements through campus selection.

Colleges in Bangalore offers direct MBA admission for week students to help them with career advancement.

Note: Direct MBA colleges admission is subject to the availability of NRI/Management quota seats.

You can join top MBA Colleges in Bangalore without paying any donation.

Also, get a discount on tuition fees.

You can choose the best college based on your budget.

Total expenses for an MBA program in Bangalore including hostel fee is around 3 – 5 lakhs.

But If you plan to join top MBA colleges in Bangalore, the total expense will be around 6 – 15 lakhs.

You must register yourself through the individual college for direct admission in MBA.

Also, You can directly visit institutions in Bangalore for seat booking.

If you face the budget issues many colleges give scholarships.

Education loan facilities are also available.

Contact us if you want to study MBA in Bangalore for direct admission.

MBA Colleges in Bangalore without Entrance Exams

There are many colleges in Bangalore which offer MBA admission without entrance exams.

Whether you have a low score in entrance exams or not have appeared in exams.

You can still apply to colleges & b-schools for MBA admission.

The college will conduct an online interview and written test to shortlist the student for admission.

The entire process of admission will be online via phone call & skype.

Based on the performance of personal interview rounds, you can join MBA colleges in Bangalore.

Why Study MBA in Bangalore?

Choose the Right Path for your Future!

Are you planning to study in the best business schools in India?

Then come to the third most populous city in India named Bengaluru.

MBA Institutes in Bengaluru is known for its best education and placement opportunities.

Every year many aspirants come to study MBA in Bangalore.

Top reasons to study MBA in Bangalore:

1) Placements Opportunity:

Studying MBA in Bangalore for better career prospects after completing a graduate-level professional degree.

The MBA program allows graduates to learn analytical skills, understanding how to lead, create, and implement the strategy at all levels in an organization.

By the end of the program, You will feel more comfortable in leadership and decision making roles.

2) Globally Accredited MBA Degree:

MBA colleges in Bangalore are accredited by the USA & European accreditation agencies.

B-Schools in Bangalore & their programs are accredited by EFMD, AACSB, ACBSP, IACBE, AMBA, & SAQS.

They are also accredited by the NBA & NAAC.

3) Study Abroad Opportunity:

MBA Colleges in Bangalore offers students exchange programs in partnership with various top business schools abroad.

Study abroad programs will help you earn a dual MBA & MS degree from India & foreign universities.

4) Dual Specialization:

You can pursue an MBA course in the dual specialization of your choice.

It helps you get a brief knowledge of 2 different specializations and also provides more job opportunities.

5) Excellent Teaching Faculty & Infrastructure:

The teaching faculty at MBA colleges in Bangalore helps You master business education through textbook learning with case study methodology.

Such methodology exposes You to an environment which will facilitate the development of Your conceptual skills as well as personal growth.

MBA colleges in Bangalore offer state of art Infrastructure facilities equipped with classrooms, hostels, library, auditorium, sports facilities, wifi-enabled campus.

6) Wide Range of Specialization:

B-Schools in Bangalore are focused on meeting the challenges of an increasingly complex and technologically driven business environment.

It offers specializations in Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Operation, Global business, Family business, Entrepreneurship, Sports Management, Aviation, Logistics, Hospital Management, Data Science & Business Analytics.

7) Ease of Admission:

MBA colleges in Bangalore offer direct admission to help You achieve Your goals in seeking management level positions in well-reputed organizations, planning to start a new business, or thinking about career progression.

You can get admission in MBA on the basis of previous academic qualifications and work experience without entrance exams.

8) Global Alumni Network:

A global alumni network helps you connect with other successful individuals who have lived the same experiences at the same college.

A good alumni network benefits the institution, current students to get guidance and help at the various stages during Your stay in the college & after You pass out from the college.

FAQs about MBA Admission in Bangalore

Q) What is the fee for an MBA in Bangalore?

A) The total course fee for the Bangalore university MBA program is around 4 – 8 Lakh. 5 – 13 Lakh for MBA programs offered by private universities. PGDM courses fee in top B-Schools is around 7- 13 Lakh. MBA programs offered by VTU University affiliated colleges charge up to 2 – 5 Lakh.

Q) How can I get an MBA admission in Bangalore?

A) To get an MBA admission in Bangalore, you must appear in entrance tests such as CAT, XAT, MAT, NMAT, or SNAP. Based on the marks scored in the entrance test, you can apply online for admission in MBA colleges. Also, You can take direct admission in MBA without entrance exam and apply directly to various colleges for admission.

Q) Is Bangalore good for MBA?

A) Bangalore colleges offer MBA or PGDM courses at an affordable fee compared to colleges in Delhi or Mumbai. The ROI for MBA colleges in Bangalore is better, as you get a higher salary package by paying a lesser fee. Whereas in other top cities, the MBA program will cost you 15 – 16 Lakh with an average salary package of 6 – 7 Lakh.

Q) Which college is good for MBA in Bangalore?

A) There are more than 50 top management colleges in Bangalore which you can choose for MBA admission. MBA colleges in Bangalore offer a wide range of specialization which leads to various job opportunities. Finance, Marketing, Operations, HR, IT systems, Data Science, Business Analyst & International Business are some of the best specializations offered by MBA colleges in Bangalore.


The MBA program pedagogy builds the strengths of Business Schools in Bangalore.

It helps in the betterment of Institutes by offering excellent teaching methodologies.

Highly merited undergraduate choose Bangalore’s institutes for the MBA degree. 

Studying MBA in Bangalore helps You learn business and management skills for a better future and career advancement.

It also helps you develop creative solutions to problems, improve performance, and be innovative.

Thus helping You become good managers by implementing the learning back into the workplace practically.

Are you thinking of dropping a year to prepare for the entrance test?

If yes, then stop and think again!

When you can take direct admission in a well-known MBA college.

And choose your desired course without scoring marks in the entrance exam, then why do you need to drop a year!

If you are want to pursue an MBA without entrance exams, then MBA colleges in Bangalore are a good option.

We provide complete assistance to help you get admission in top business schools of Bangalore.

We assist You if you want to study MBA in Bangalore through college selection, campus visit, seat bookings & course information.

Our services will help You save money as you don’t have to pay a donation for admission in MBA college in Bangalore.

You might get attracted to institutes that are among top rankings and charge a high fee.

But, there is no guarantee if You will be able to qualify the test even after preparation with help from coaching centers.

However, MBA Colleges in Bangalore allows students to take admission without scoring marks in entrance exams.

It is a complete waste of time if you drop a year to prepare for entrance exams.

There is a lot of options available when You plan to study an MBA, especially in Bengaluru.

Guidance and support from experts like us help you find the best college for your MBA program.

MBA admission through management quota helps you save time & money.

It gives you the freedom to choose your college without appearing in any merit list.

Through MBA direct admission You can pursue any specialization without performing in entrance exams.

This helps You in the achievement of Your goals and career advancement.

An MBA in Bangalore helps you get employment in a wide variety of sectors, such as banking, telecommunications, health sector, governments, and non- government organizations.

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Now I leave it Up to You to decide.

Would you prefer to join MBA in Bangalore?

Or You want to join colleges in other cities!

Comment below & let us know what You think?

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